Out of the Darkness follows the adventures of several samurai from before their gempukku at the first Topaz Championship after the Second Day of Thunder until their deaths; after which they will be remembered as great heroes for their triumph over adversity or their ignominious death at the hands of the many evils that still abound in the land.

Our young samurai fell in fierce and unequaled combat, saving Sapphire Bay Village, in Crane lands, from the maleficent actions of Oni no Kurage. Their sacrifice was not in vain however, and they ended the underwater scourge perpetuated by the monster. Although their remains were never recovered from the briny deep, an altar in their honor was consecrated in the temple of the village.

Out of the Darkness continues to follow Kitsuki Kage and his assistants as they prepare for winter and the courts it shall bring.

Out of the Darkness

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