Out of the Darkness

A Curious Thing, My Brothers,

I took part in the cleansing of a blasphemous shrine this week. A strange idol, marked of face, some form of outlawed spirit perhaps. It may have been a corrupted spirit, or a kansen playing false with his quarry or even a malicious creature of some kind. Whatever it was, when I took the hammer to the stone, as one does, blood spurted. Shinsei once spoke on that subject, he may have been wrong. You can get blood from a stone, I have seen it. I have drawn it. It was most foul. The blood pooled into small creatures, creepy crawly creatures. I worked the hammer to break the power of the stone while my new Akodo pal chopped them to bloody bits. Once the work was done with the hammer, I set to use the hammers on the ends of my legs and kicked them about. Togashi once said there is no problem that a man can have that will not end if you kick him in the head hard enough, and I think I understand. These things tore my legs to bits, but eventually we saw through. I said prayers over the blasted thing, but it was not enough.

Oh, also there will be a duel soon! Some rogue has offended the honor of the Toku, and the lion has taken the orphaned monkey to her teat and is defending him bravely. There will be a blooding, I suspect. Perhaps I should find a katana and duel someone myself, I have never been in an Iajatsu duel. I think I would be good at it!

More later my Togs,



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