Out of the Darkness

A Letter to Bayushi Matahari (II)


Yume-chan is mine. It will only be a matter of time before I have plumbed the depths of the secrets that she possesses, including most importantly her Clan’s cipher. Apart from the intrinsic benefits this knowledge has for us, Yume will also provide me with a great many opportunities to learn more from (and about) Kage-sama in particular.

Next, I have also discovered information that may be of use to our Crab cousins. The servants of “Kuni Yuke” have spoken freely, with little pressure needed from the torturers. They tell me that they replaced the true Yuke and members of her entourage while they were still traveling from the south. They had intended to marry “Yuke” off and to insinuate themselves even further into Rokugani society, by occasionally replacing the hag’s skin with that of future victims once Yuke’s skin began to deteriorate. But as it happens, the kami and all the Fortunes smiled upon the Empire and her faithful servants; the freakish early winter storm prevented “Yuke” from leaving prior to her unmasking and destruction at our hands.
Further interesting information: one of the servants I interrogated was posing as a chef for “Yuke”. This could prove most useful if it becomes necessary to find an alternate explanation for the death of poor old Seppun-sama.

Finally, I had the pleasure of entertaining a most interesting visitor last night. He took great pains to avoid disturbing anyone else within the estate, climbing several sheer external walls as well as multiple stories of the internal buildings in order to enter my chambers and rouse me from my slumber. Furthermore, after our most enlightening conversation, he abruptly disappeared in the same manner as he first appeared, leaving only sparse tracks in the direction of the village on the road toward Otosan Uchi. Given his demeanor during his visit, I assume he is a distant cousin on my mother’s side sent with information of vital interest to me. If you should happen to encounter him, please convey my thanks for the warnings he provided about Kitsuki-sama, though if, in the future, he could be more specific as to the nature of the threat that Kage-sama poses, I would find it much easier to act appropriately upon his warnings.




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