Out of the Darkness

Letters home

Honorable Parents,

I send greetings. I have finally caught up to Kitsuki-Sama who is my new assignment. This is something much different than my time in the legion. I have been called a courtly festival at the home of one of the imperial families, an honorable Seppun. Still I do not see much of their vaunted warrior or shugenja. This is a courtier’s residence as opposed to one of the guards. There are gatherings here of many of noble lady, namely one of the Agasha, one of the Kuni and one of the Iuchi to win husbands. I fear though that they will be not be happy as the choices here are fairly poor. We have the shosuro actor who is also in Kitsuki-Sama’s service, his honor is what one expects of a scorpion, the Shiba who seems to be persuing pleasure and not honorable marriage, a fellow member of our clan who while worthy with his rank in the legions is focused on momentary pleasures and not honorable marriage and many more of the same interests. There are few of worthwhile rank for an honorable marriage. The only one truly that seems worthwhile is one of the Ikoma. Indeed, I had a wonderful go match with him in the gardens one afternoon.

The more interesting guest is one of the Toku. He is here as ambassador for the newly formed clan of Toku-sama who saved our lives shortly after the unfortunate affair of the scorpion. His clan while magistrates have not yet begun to see the benefits of their imperial favor and I wish I had a way to make him as well dressed and outfitted the others here as befitting a member of such a worthy clan. Perhaps okaa-san could speak to our kin among the Ikoma and something can be done for Ikoma-sama that is here to take the Toku under his wing.

They have started to have some special activities relating to fall festival but I am not participating yet. I am not much of a painter though I admired the work of the others. I have also been studying the law further from a book that Kitsuki-Sensei gave me but I am not sure that he really wants to train us or teach of the imperial service. Rather he seeks to enjoy the privileges of position while we insure he is not disgraces by doing the task. It might be because he has been a little sickly it seems.

I hope that all is well with imoto-san and ototo-san. I shall write again when I can.

your dutiful daughter,

Akodo Kimiko



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