Out of the Darkness

Prayers to ancestors

The lion kneels in her room, praying her her ancestors. “Guide my arm that I might deal justice, guide my spirit that I might see where the darkness lies, guide my mind that I see through deceptions.”

She will soon cross steel with a scorpion. “My honor belongs to the my family that is bound to the Toku that covered their backs in battle. My service to my daimyo that has put me in imperial service that I must defend the honor of others in that service. My sword will strike for justice.” Still this worries her. When a scorpion is so blatant about insult, not even trying to disguise it with the court skills, there is something more going on. Was this a ruse to pull her into the duel? Who are the players in the court and what are they up to.

She continues her prayers of her ancestors going back to the time of Akodo and then begins the process of redoing the wrapping on her hilt to insure it is right and all is in readiness for the duel ahead. Her last prayer is to Ikoma, the ancestor through her mother’s line, “May my fight be one worthy of being talking about with honor to the clan.”



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