Akodo Kimiko

Akodo Warrior, A year from ronin


Akodo Kimiko
Akodo Bushi 1/Jade Legionaire

Insight: 155 (Rank 2)
Honor: 7.7 (8.7 with katana)
Status: 1.5
Glory: 3.9
Unspent XP: 2

Air 3 (Reflexes 4/Awareness 3)
Earth 2 (Stamina 2/Willpower 2)
Fire 2 (Agility 3/Intelligence 2)
Water 3 (Strength 3/Perception 3)
Void 3

Sacred Weapon (Akodo Blade)
Fame (1 glory) 3
Virtuous (
1 honor) 3

Obligation (toku and monkey clan) 6
Fascination: GO

Battle (Mass combat) 2
Defense 3
Kenjutsu 4
Kyujutsu 1
Lore history 1
Sincerity 2
Investigation 2
Courtier 2
Etiquette 3
Games: Go 3
Lore: Bushido 1
Iaijutsu 4 (focus)
Lore: Law 2
Perform: Storytelling 2
War Fan: 1
Athletics 1
Juijutsu 1
Calligraphy 1

Rank 1: Way of the Lion: Either ignore armor or free raise on attack, +1k0 first attack vs foes
for first attack or that raised against her.
Rank 2: Purity in Purpose and Deed: If honor is higher than foe, add difference in honor to
attack and damage rolls.

Initiative: 6k4
Attack: Katana: 7k3+variable, Yumi: 4k3+Variable
Damage: 7k2+variable, Yumi: 5k3+Variable
TNtbH: 25 (30 in armor).

Daisho, Light Armor, Sturdy clothing, Yumi, 20 fleshcutters, 4 koku

Travel Pack:
Chopsticks, Personal Chop, Pet Monkey, Spare Kimono and Sandles, Week’s Travel Rations, Water Bottle, Tea set, Miniature Go set, basket, Pillow book, Finger of Jade

Special items:
3 Go stones (One from sensei, one from ancestor who fought with akodo, one from first tournement), Flowers from shiro akodo when completed Gempuku, Calligraphy set, Copy of Tao of Shinsei (never opened) and Akodo’s Leadership from Sensei), Stone from village where she lived as Ronin, fan from Jade Magistrate she first served with. Pillow book written by great great grandmother (ikoma bard)

Doji Hoji (2 influence, 1 Devotion)


Akodo Kimiko

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