Shiba Mirai

A small phoenix shugenja. Healer and holy woman seeking enlightenment in the service of her Daimyo.


Shiba Mirai
Isawa Shugenja with Water Affinity

Insight: 151 (Rank 2)
Honor: 5.4
Status: 1.0
Glory: 2.5
Unspent XP: 0

Air 2 (Reflexes 2/Awareness 2)
Earth 2 (Stamina 2/Willpower 2)
Fire 2 (Agility 2/Intelegence 3)
Water 3 (Strength 3/Perception 3)
Void 3

Elemental Blessing: Water
Fukurokujin’s Blessing (Lore theology)
Touch of Tengoku

Dark Secret: Parents were Maho Tsukai that died fighting for Fu Leng on Second Day of Thunder
Shadow Lands Taint: 0.5 ranks from handling and destroying the Maho items at her parents’ home at time of funeral.

Calligraphy 2 (cipher)
Lore: Theology 3
Medicine 2
Meditation 3
Spellcraft 3
Etiquette 2
Lore Bushido 2
Staves 1
Defense 2
Courtier 2
Investigation 2
Lore: Maho 1
Lore: Elementals 1
Juijutsu 1
Games: Go 1
Storytelling 1
Artisan: Painting 1
Tea Ceremony 1

Rank 1: Free Raise to Spells in Affinity,

Affinity: Water
Deficiency: None

Commune (Mastered)

By the Light of the Moon
Armor of Earth
Courage of Seven Thunders (mastered)
Jade Strike
Fires of Purity (Mastered)
Envious Flames
Path to inner Peace (Mastered)
Cloak of the Miya
Bo of Water
The old Man’s Gift (Mastered)
Silent Waters
Rejuvenating Vapors

Robes, Wakizashi, Bo Staff, Scroll Satchel,Medicine Kit (10 uses), 4 Koku, 4 bu

Travel Pack:
Chopsticks, Personal Chop, Tatanmi Mat, Incense Burner, Spare Kimono and Sandles, Week’s Travel Rations, Mortar and Pestle, Parchment/Charcoal (10), Water Bottle

Special items:
Stone from near Tsu Fish eggs (from gempuku)
Calligraphy entry and brush used to make it for Gempuku test
Flower from garden of house of Megumi
Family Calligraphy Set
Fan used by Asako Herself
Flower from the Gardens at White Tree Palace (Taken at the time of Artisan Tourney)


Shiba Mirai’s family were a long line of bushi and while they were proud of their role, there were seeds of dissatisfaction brewing at the shugenja were greater in status and station and more respected. Thus the seeds of regret and desire were planted. Her parents wanted to be leaders and rulers and not always guarding others. Mirai’s birth was a turning point in this. The priests determined that she was strongly blessed by the water kami, gifted, blessed by the heavens and to be a shugenja. Suddenly her parents realized that they would like end up servants to their daughter and that was intolerable. Instead of joy, the bitterness festered and Jigoku and the kansen heeded it.

It took time but when Mirai left for her training with her sensai, her parents began their own training in Maho and among the blood speakers. When the phoenix masters opened the black scrolls and fell to the shadowlands, Mirai’s parents were there to aid them and be their lieutenants with maho at their fingers. Still their identities weren’t exactly known. During the second day of thunder the phoenix clan warred among itself and others warred on tainted phoenix and vice versa. No one knows who killed her parents but since their taint was not known, they were burned and funeral with honor was performed. Mirai returning home for this to go through their belongings found the maho scrolls and tainted artifacts. She destroyed them but some of the taint from them touched her soul. She feared it and hated shadow lands all the more and hide it so that she could with honor redeem the dishonor of her parents. She prays to resist and where Tengoku blesses, Jigoku seeks to curse and Mirai was one caught in the middle.

It was perhaps a blessing when she finally died without the taint getting a firm hold of her, fighting the shadowlands and her soul was freed to go to yomi.

Shiba Mirai

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