Out of the Darkness

Dearest Mother (1)

Dearest Mother,

I have finally arrived at the bustling metropolis of Tsume, where the Topaz Championship will be held. It has the biggest buildings I could have imagined—some of them are over four stories tall! And the temples are so beautiful, much more ornate than the tiny shrines in our village. One of the priests even took me along while she was doing her daily rituals. She seemed awfully wise and knowledgeable about the kami and the Fortunes, though I don’t think she was fond of having Inoshi along. Perhaps next time I go to light incense for father, I’ll leave him outside.
Not only are the temples and the Kakita Academy incredible, but the people are too—even the peasants here are incredibly wealthy. One heimin man we met was offering gifts to the samurai traveling to Tsume, and he even invited us to stay in his home during the tournament. So many people here are so very courteous and virtuous, just as I imagined. When I got to the Tournament grounds, the guards wanted to turn me away, but fortunately Kitsuki Kage, the Dragon Clan Champion, was there, and he told the guards to let me it.
Other than Kitsuki-sama and the nice peasant, the other person I’ve talked to a lot is Kakita Uragiri, who says he’s going to be the next Emerald Champion! He offered to help me with my iaijutsu (sword) training; he’s quite nice for such a brave and influential samurai. It’s exciting to know someone so powerful—maybe he’d even offer me fealty to the Crane, if the Dragon don’t offer first.
Next time I’ll be sure to tell you how the Tournament goes, and which Clan I will belong to.

Your devoted son,

Introduction and Homecoming, In Which Our Hero Arrives on the Field of Contest; Happenstance Dictates a Chance Encounter With a Mysterious Stranger; New Friends Are Made; and The Papers Are Signed

__I have arrived. It is nice here, but there are so many people. I met an interesting old man on the road, he and I shared both wisdom and tea. I met a nice ronin with a pet pig, I am hoping one day I will get to ride him. The pig, not the ronin. He seemed a nice enough sort, and much friendlier than the clannish jerks that didn’t want to talk to us. The guards at the bridge tried to be mean to him and his pig, I was about to throw down on them when a Dragon came along and said the ronin was cool. I think he did it mostly to shine them on. Anyway we got signed in, I think I’ll be staying with the old man who I just met on the road and fed me tea. -I am trusting and dumb as hell, I hope I don’t get molested. - I will write more either way.

Your student, KU__

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