Tag: Death at Goshu Castle


  • Death at Goshu Castle

    "There is a pall over Goshu castle when you arrive. The guards are nervous, gripping their weapons in sweaty hands, and the servants move as though they were pretending to be mice, staying close to the wall and hurrying out of sight. The interior of the …

  • Amai

    Amai is an older woman with a blockish face, small eyes, and sallow skin. Her voice is low and plaintive, like murmuring wind down a lonely hallway. She has the air about her of one who has experienced expected loss.

  • Akodo Tamoru

    Tamoru is an old man. He has a proud bearing, but has obviously lost a great deal of his formidableness. His kimono is dignified, but of an older style. It is well worn, but also well kept.

  • Akodo Hakenka

    Hakenka is Maouri's legitimate first born. He is tall and strong. He speaks decisively to those around him, as one used to having his commands obeyed.

  • Sokoi

    Sokoi is a small boy, the son of Amai. He has her eyes, but the rest of his face are reminiscent of his father, lord of the castle.