Tag: Topaz Championship


  • Hiruma Do

    Your brief encounter with Do left you thinking that maybe he brought a little of the Shadowlands to Tsuma, or at least a little excess paranoia. He proudly bears the Hiruma mon on his kimono, as well as the headband that holds his hair back. He has thus …

  • Doji Wakao

    Doji Wakao carries her mother's Lion sword. Otherwise, she is a unremarkable in appearance. Looking into her eyes however, one can see the strength that was instrumental in her selection to represent the Crane.

  • Kakita Shino

    Kakita Shino wears gaudy clothing, but worn. His katana is well cared for, but clearly well used. He dyes his hair white, but the black roots are showing.

  • Mirumoto Otakan

    Mirumoto Otakan dresses in in subdued, earthly colors accented with Dragon green and gold. His swords bear tsuba depicting the Mirumoto mon.

  • Agasha Gojinka

    Gojinka is a quiet shugenja who keeps to herself. It's as though she makes an effort to be unnoticed. Unlike the other shugenja at the Championship, she appears to have engaged in a great deal of physical training.

  • Akodo Shotaka

    Akodo Shotaka is a young man with the wild hair of a Matsu, but the pensiveness of the Ikoma. He wears a well cared for suit of armor that proudly displays the mons of his parents Akodo and Matsu, as well as the Ikoma mon. His nose is badly askew.

  • Kitsu Konoko

    Kitsu Konoko dresses in the stately manner of a Kitsu, but carries a well polished wakazashi. She has hawkish features that complement her explosive nature.

  • Yoritomo Yuriko

    Yoritomo Yuriko carries a katana, but dresses more the part of a scholar. She has a tattoo of the Mantis mon on one forearm and a strong arm on the other.

  • Shiba Takako

    Rather strangely, Shiba Takako wears a mask in the Scorpion fashion. The rest of her dress is remarkably Phoenix. In addition to her swords, she carries a pole arm evocative of a scorpion tale with claws forming the crosspiece.

  • Bayushi Sugai

    You don't recognize Sugai from the walk into Tsuma. You later find out he arrived with the Scorpion delegation. He is very attractive underneath his mask, but his features are offset by a glimmer of superiority that rarely leaves his eyes.

  • Shinjo Shiko

    Shiko is an attractive Unicorn. Her armor looks strange and her manner of speaking is accented, but she seems to have a sunny disposition.

  • Kamahimi

    Kamahimi is an energetic ronin. Although she bears the same social status as Hazu, she dresses as well as possible, proudly displaying a Hare mon over her breast.

  • Hazu

    Hazu is filthy. His clothes are threadbare and out of fashion. He bears several poorly healed scars, but is tough as nails. You heard that two Crab accosted him in an alley with the intent to do him harm and now won't be returning to the Wall anytime soon …

  • Old Peasant

    The old man met you on the road. After performing the tea ceremony, he gifted Mirai a box of spell scrolls and invited you to stay at his house in Tsuma

  • Kakita Yuri

    Yuri is a composed man, always seen looking his best in Crane blue with an elaborate hair style. He does his best to appear nonthreatening, his position as a negotiator for the Crane requires it. He is this year's host of the Topaz Championship and has …

  • Yojiro

    Yojiro is the son of Tsuruchi, the master bowman. He serves the Wasp as a diplomat. Lacking his father's hatred of the Lion and the Scorpion he is a much more effective choice when it comes to dealing with his family's neighbors, as well as the other …