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  • Shosuro Matahari

    Shosuro Matahari wears a porcelain mask that covers the lower portion of her face. It is decorated as you would expect a fancy dinner set, with blue whorls. It contrasts sharply with her jet black hair and eyes. Her kimono susurrates softly as she moves, …

  • Seppun Ayumu

    Seppun Ayumu is a regal man. He keeps a long, flowing beard that proceeds him like an elegant, well-trimmed hedge. His robes are intricate and well-made, displaying the Seppun mon prominently.

  • Kuni Yuke

    Kuni Yuke dresses in an unusually revealing fashion. This, combined with her Kuni make up, gives her something of a bad girl image. She pushes at the boundaries of what is socially acceptable.

  • Iuchi Melina

    Iuchi Melina is an exotic looking young woman. Her kimono has an unfamiliar cut and is adorned with strange creatures. Her eyes have a strange shape you recognize as belonging to the Unicorn clan.

  • Agasha Kumiko

    Agasha Kumiko is a demure woman from the Dragon clan. She wears her long, black hair in intricate braids that coil around her head and frame her soft face. She is quiet and mysterious, like the Dragon mountains themselves. She is usually found dressed in …

  • Shoku Mifune

    Shoku Mifune is a small man. He smells of vinegar, of which he is a merchant. He is makes a trip to Seppun Ayumu's yearly, as the man is a big fan of his wares. He is a clean looking man, always well dressed, but never in such a way as to appear to be …

  • Matsu Sutaki

    Matsu Sutaki is one of the smallest Matsu you have ever seen. Although, you are inclined to believe he doesn't realize it based on how high he holds his nose.

  • Mirumoto Yume

    Mirumoto Yume arrived with the Dragon party. Her kimono tend to be garden themed and she usually has the aroma of spring about her.

  • Akodo Smooth

    Akodo Smooth is a sharp dressed lion with an impressive mane of orange dyed hair. His smile shines pearly white that seems to match the shininess of his well polished wakazashi. He radiates an aura of cool confidence and is forever at ease.

  • Ikoma Nakanishi

    Ikoma Nakanishi is a regal looking Lion. He wears an exquisitely well trimmed beard that accents his slightly understated clothing. He is composed and humble, but never backs down from a challenge. He must after all, defend the honor of the Lion clan.