Togashi Kenta


Togashi Kenta

Insight: 162 Family: Togashi
Glory: 2 School: Togashi Monk 2
Honor: 5.1

Air 2 Reflexes 3
Awareness 2

Earth 3 Stamina 3
Willpower 3

Fire 2 Agility 3
Intelligence 2

Water 4 Strength 4
Perception 4

Void 3

Athletics 1
Defense 1
Craft: Tattoo 1
JiuJutsu 5

  • RANK 3: The damage of all unarmed attacks is increased by +1k0.
  • RANK 5: Use of Jiujutsu confers a Free Raise toward initiating a Grapple.
    Lore: Theology 2
    Meditation 2
    Investigation 4
  • RANK 3: A second attempt to use the Search Emphasis may be made without an increase in the original TN.
    Etiquette 3
  • RANK 3: The character gains an additional +3 Insight above the total normally indicated by his Rings and Skill Ranks.
    Sincerity 1

Blood of Osano Wo – You are immune to any penalties or damage from natural weather conditions, such as winter cold, summer heat, etc. If you suffer damage from a spell that employs natural forces (such as the mighty storm created by Hurricane, or the lightning bolt summoned by Fury of Osano-Wo), reduce the amount of damage you suffer by 1k1.

Friend Of The Brotherhood – You may purchase Kiho (rules for Kiho are found in the Book of Water) as though you are a Monk of the Brotherhood of Shinsei, instead of paying a higher cost. You must still meet all other normal restrictions on learning Kiho.

Ancestor: Kitsuki – When you have Kitsuki’s guidance, you may use your Perception Trait for any Skill or Trait roll that would normally require you to use your Awareness Trait. Furthermore, if you spend a Void point on any Skill or Trait roll to tell whether someone is lying to you, you gain +2k2 instead of the normal +1k1.
Demands: Kitsuki requires you to always pursue the truth. If you ever accept a solution to a problem, crime, or puzzle that you know or sincerely believe to be false, Kitsuki will abandon you.

Sage – Whenever you would be forced to make an Unskilled Roll when using a Lore Skill, you instead are considered to have 1 rank in that Skill.

Yogo Curse – You are cursed to betray the one you love the most, just as the fi rst Yogo was cursed by Fu Leng himself.

Contrary – During any debate or dispute, or even casual discussion, you feel compelled to weigh in and attempt to persuade others to see the matter from your point of view. In any tense situation, you must succeed at a Willpower Trait Roll to avoid taking action, whether to resolve a conflict physically or simply to interject into an argument.

Lechery – When an opponent makes a Temptation (Seduction) roll against you, he gains a bonus of +1k1 to the total of his roll.

Fascination: Scorpion Ancestry – You are completely fascinated by some subject, and will go to great lengths to learn more about it or to experience it in new ways.

School Abilities
Lion Tattoo – Upon activating this tattoo, you gain ranks equal to your School Rank in any Bugei Skill of your choice.

Bamboo Tattoo – While this tattoo is active, your Armor TN is increased by an amount equal to twice your School Rank + 5.

+1k1 to attack and defense w/ unarmed


Type: Internal
Certain orders of the Brotherhood are adept at aligning their chi with the dominant Element in the environment around them, drawing strength from the world. While this Kiho is active, one of your Rings and its associated Traits are considered one Rank higher. Which Ring is affected depends upon the environment. Mountains increase Earth, the seashore increases Water, the plains increase Air, the desert or volcanic areas increase Fire, etc.

Type: Mystical
Some monks are at a state of harmony with the world to such extent that they are aware of everything around them. While this Kiho is active, you become aware of all living things within a distance equal to your Void Ring x10 feet. You are also aware of any object or individual within that range that has been deliberately concealed, including secret doors, hidden compartments, buried objects, etc.


Born a Yogo, Kenta’s parents fled in light of the fall of the Scorpion. They sought refuge in Dragon lands, for his grandfather was born Kitsuki and his mother still maintained lively ties with her distant kin by letter writing. Life is hard for a pair of Ronin cast aside, but there was a place for them in Nanashi Mura as a result of what ties they had left. They were proud folk, and had no wish for a child to grow to manhood as ronin. So the boy was taken to the Togashi, and fostered there, and the monks took him in for reasons which were their own. Perhaps it was the spark in the child’s eyes that spoke to them, or perhaps they could hear the echoes of Kitsuki in his soul. None can say why such a thing came to pass, only that it did. Raised in the wilds, sheltered in the High House of Light, and born to know the path he trod by instinct he took to the life with an ease and grace. Extremes of temperature did not bother him, nor did the tests of endurance he was made to suffer. Something in his blood called to such things, called to the wild places. In all things the spirits guided him, and in all things he knew what was good by the shape it held.

Such an idylic childhood could not last, even one frought with hardships as it was. On his name day, as he was given the first of his tattoos, he was taken aside. He remembered none of his Scorpion ancestry, knew nothing of his parents, how they lived or died, for both had since past this mortal realm in the years following. The curiosity in him that was a relic of Kitsuki himself called out to this riddle, this enigma of birth. Having no set path to guide his feet, he chose the path of the wandering monk the better to seek truth and know absolute wisdom.

Being raised in seclusion held some perils for the young monk, and the chief among these were women. He had taken no vow against pleasures of the flesh, and when he encountered such things on leaving Dragon lands it was a revelation. Truly to withhold from such things could not be part of an enlightened man’s existence. The other issue was that of manners; the debates in the halls of the Togashi were lively and spirited. He had become used to taking a position and defending it with no small amount of zeal. This would lead to trouble, to be sure. Still, it was not all bad. He seeks word of his family, his ancestors, and enlightenment itself. The key to the last is held in the first two, to be sure.

Togashi Kenta

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