Tanaka's Spells

A pair of scrolls held by the resident shugneja of the Sapphire Bay Village


Carry the Sky Beneath the Sea
Ring/Mastery: Air 2
Range: Caster
Area of Effect: 10’
Duration: 4 hours
Raises: Duration (1 hour/raise), Area of Effect (10/raise)

Carry the sky beneath the sea allows anyone within the area of effect to operate as though they were breathing air. This means they won’t drowned and may communicate verbally while within the sphere of the spell.

What We Learn From Fish
Ring/Mastery: Water 1
Range: Personal
Area of Effect: Touch
Duration: 4 hours
Raises: Duration (1 hour/raise), Targets (1 target/2 raise)

This spell allows the targets to breath water and gained limited enhanced swimming abilities. They may not communicate with others verbally however.


Tanaka's Spells

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